The Lamb

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How do you feel about Occupy Wall Street (OWS)?  Annoyed, embarrassed, impressed, impassioned, angry, anxious, scared, motivated, or maybe hopeful?   I for one feel all those things.  This movement appears to be well planned, funded, and organized.  There can be no mistake, this is a group of radical revolutionaries hoping to be passed off as just a bunch of drugged out promiscuous hippies.  Don’t be fooled.  Sure, hippies are mixed in but they are not the heart and soul of this movement.  These agitators are poking and prodding in an attempt to bait people (police) into situations they can use as propaganda.  Just look at how quickly a fellow Flip Side contributor points to how, “police can use aggressive force against peaceful demonstrators and take away their right to assemble.”[1]  Ask yourself, “Has that right been taken away?”  It seems to me as though folks are continuing to assemble.  After our Flip Side contributor wrote the following it became clear that supporters of OWS are hoping for further violence and maybe even death.  OWS seems to believe that this will help swell their ranks, I guess the 99% is willing to sacrifice a lamb for the radical ends of the collective, the ends justify the means right?

In Tunisia, Chawki Belhoussine was fatally shot while peacefully protesting the government on December 22nd.  After his death, the movement gained a lot of traction.  The protesters showed him as a martyr and a symbol of the police state in which they lived.  If Scott Olsen dies, the same thing will happen in this country[2].

Let’s take the contributor at their word if this movement gets that piece of propaganda they so desperately need this operation will waste no time shifting gears.  They will be quick to exploit the event and show somebody as a martyr.  I encourage all of you who are still reading this to ask yourselves and anybody else, where were the arrests during the TEA parties?  Why didn’t the police launch tear gas at them?  Why weren’t their rights to peacefully assemble trampled on?  Hopefully you are able to come to some conclusions and start to distinguish the differences in tactic between the two movements.  One difference I see is that the TEA party is not interested in using force to advance their ends.  The TEA party gathers, voices their concerns, then they disperse.  They never occupied anything other than a voting booth.  The OWS movement is forcing their agenda disrupting commerce and 21 people got laid off as a direct result of this disruption[3].  Here again I guess, what’s 21 lambs to the 99%?  And let’s not forget about the rape that seems to be sweeping through the OWS camps.  Several rapes have been made public in recent weeks despite good faith efforts to quash this information prior to it making print[4].  That’s right folks; people are being raped within this movement.  The attackers are being protected the victims are being pressured into sacrificing justice.  Then again what’s a few lambs to the 99%.  Time and again this movement is turning its back on individuals from café workers to young ladies all because the ends justify the means.

So what are the ends?  Well I cannot say with any degree of certainty what the end will be, I dare say that this movement does not even know.  If it is anything like revolutions of the past they will fight amongst themselves after they topple their common enemy.  In this case the stated target is capitalism and by proxy, the individual.  Capitalism and individual rights go hand in hand.  What I don’t understand is what makes these people dislike capitalism (free enterprise)?  Nobody currently alive in this country has experienced pure free enterprise we have what the experts like to call a mixed economy (I call it State Capitalism).  Well, what is that?  It is a combination of controls and freedom, central planning and free enterprise.  So what makes them so sure that free enterprise is the problem?  Couldn’t it just as likely be the central planning that is what’s wrong?  I say that is exactly what is wrong.  I assure you that any gripe the OWS movement has with economic outcome on a case by case basis can be blamed on central planning just as easily as freedom.  If a movement wants more control it will blame freedom (OWS).  A movement that wants more freedom will blame the controls (TEA Party).

After the end of free enterprise who will be wrestling for control?  We need look no further than the list of organizations and powerful people who are supporting and behind this movement.   So, without further ado the list:

Communist Party USA, American Nazi Party, Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran, Barack Obama, the government of North Korea, Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam, Revolutionary Communist Party, David Duke, Joe Biden, Hugo Chavez, Revolutionary Guards of Iran, Black Panthers, Socialist Party USA, US Border Guard (National Socialist/Nazi spin off group), Industrial Workers of the World, CAIR, Nancy Pelosi, Communist Party of China, Hezbollah, 9/, International Bolshevik Tendency, Anonymous, White Revolution, International Socialist Organization, PressTV (Iranian government outlet), Marxist Student Union, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, ANSWER, and the Party for Socialism and Liberation[5].

Ok, I know that’s a lot to absorb and honestly I’m not sure what exactly some of these groups are.  However, I am confident that none of them are friends of free enterprise.  In the list we can see that Communists are joining hands with Nazis, Socialists, and Radical Islam.  This list does not seem to include any Catholicism based organization or entity, but I’m sure that they are there or will be there.  A Theocrat is a Theocrat no matter what their god of choice happens to be.  And as long as the Theocrat shares the goal of forcing mankind to unite in order to form one neck ready for one leash they will join hands with whoever else shares that goal, and fight amongst themselves for control after the leash is on.  Whichever is the most brutal, least moral, and most patient will more than likely be the victor.  Smart money is on Communist or Theocracy.  I want to assure you that, though I am not religious I am not against religion, but against Theocracy, Communism, and any other type of collectivism.

I don’t aim to be the smartest guy in the room, the discussion, or on the campus.  I just want give voice to individualism and speak out against collectivism and statism.  I am less interested in attacking the collectivists on campus, and more interested in exposing them.  I am sure they are all fine members of this campus.  Surely they are all plenty intelligent and do many fine things.  Let it be known however, that I stand stringently opposed to the movement they are in support of.  I plead with them and anybody else still reading to give pause and think about OWS and more specifically collectivism and what it leads to time and time again throughout world history.  What happens?  What will you think when it’s your turn to be the sacrificial lamb?

Yours in liberty,


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The occupation


Occupy Wall Street? Oh JOY.  Some are calling it the American fall as opposed to the Arab spring.  Well isn’t that special?  Let’s engage in some word play.  First the Arab spring, this movement obviously got its name due to the time of year that it occurred spring.  Though, it also can mean that Arabs are springing into action or springing into the lead.  Now the American fall is occurring in the fall directly after the Arab spring.  However, this could also mean the fall of America, America falling out of the lead.  So if we listen to what the Occupy Wall Street movement is saying and take their word.  It is essentially incontrovertible that their desire is the fall of America. This link contained a quote from an organizer of the occupiers making it clear that ‘This is Revolution Not Reform’, however I must apologize that this video has already been scrubbed from the internet.   A revolution in this country will not end with the reinstitution of our original founding documents.  Our founding documents were written with the intention of protecting individuals from government and/or the collective.  This revolution is the collective rising up against the individual and begging for the government to eliminate the very things that made this country and by proxy the world what it is today.  The individual liberty recognized and protected by our constitution is directly responsible for the dramatic acceleration of our evolution as human beings.  This movement is drawing on many concerns that average Joe American can sympathize with.  Even I can agree with some of the rhetoric spewing out of the occupation, however it is clear to me that individual liberty has no place in their America.  America is once again at a fork in the road and the choice has never been clearer one road leads to central planning and controls the other leads to individual liberty and responsibility.  America has two movements afoot the occupiers and the TEA baggers (I am proud to associate myself with the TEA baggers) one movement is attempting to put the federal government back on its chain (the constitution) the other movement has succeeded in letting the feds off their leash and is now trying to kick the gate open to let them run wild.

Observations of a long term Janitor.

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Here is something that has been evident to me for quite some time now.  It’s not important however, it makes me smile and I find it interesting.  I also assume that this observation goes unnoticed by most others and, perhaps readers of this post will begin to take note and smile themselves.   So pay attention the next few times you enter a public restroom because, if somebody else is concealed in one of the stalls you might notice a sniff.  Thats right a sniff.  Maybe this behavior is unique to males so ladies let me know if this goes on in your stalls as well.  Here is the deal.  We have two separate mens rooms where I work and I clean both.  One does not have a main entrance door the other does.  The restroom with the door has two stalls the stall in the back is positioned such that when it is occupied the persons feet are not visible, and people cannot know that it is occupied until finding the door latched.  However, I have noticed that many individuals when using that stall will give a sniff when somebody new comes through the main door.  Now I am assuming that this sniff weather done consciously or subconsciously is a defensive maneuver done by the squatter in order to announce their presence within the stall and defend their door from being tried.  In this restroom it is easy to know when you have company due to the opening and closing of the door.  When the door closes the person in the stall knows somebody new is in the restroom and that now is the time to sniff.  On the other hand the other restroom without the door presents a situation where the squatter has to be paying attention to the footsteps.  When it is finally determined that somebody is approaching the restroom that is when the sniff goes out.  This restroom only has one stall and it is easy to see upon entrance if somebody is squatting or not due to the stall position.  However, the sniffing still occurs though I think the intent is different.  In this situation the sniff often results in folks not even entering the restroom at all and, often the new user will turn around and go into the ladies restroom and get their squat on there.  I’m not sure a person can be any more vulnerable than when getting their squat on so the desire to avoid conflict by announcing your presence with a simple sniff makes sense.  The psychology of this phenomenon is compelling and would make for good in class discussion as well as a research project if you happen to be in a psychology class.

We Helped Who? Why?

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In the last year America has toiled in the affairs of Egypt and Libya in addition to Iraq and Afghanistan.   We all know the reasons for Iraq and Afghanistan, but what is the reason for what we did with Egypt and the bombs we dropped in Libya?  How exactly are these actions in our best interest?

In the case of Egypt America encouraged an uprising and the overthrow of a tyrant.  OK, he is gone now.   Whats next for Egypt though?  How can we be sure that the new Egypt will be better than the last?  Here is what I know.  Egyptians are starting to focus their energy toward Israel.     Did America really encourage this group of Egyptians with their swastikas and other incendiary rhetoric to rise into power?  I am not old enough to remember a conflict between Egypt and Israel, however it would appear that the Egyptian movement is interested in rekindling that old flame.  Before we pass this off as some minor segment of Egyptian society lets realize that some of the individuals and political parties who are in pursuit of control in Egypt are calling for the ‘punishment’ of Israel.  Prior to the uprising in Egypt their border with Israel was quiet to the best of my knowledge.

Moving on to Libya.  We actually dropped bombs in our efforts to assist this uprising.  That being said America did not lead the charge in this one; France took up the leadership role and America tagged along that’s right WE TAGGED ALONG.  Where is our interest here?  Is this the new Obama doctrine, to assist in civil wars and uprising.  So much for not toiling in the affairs of others and hopey changey.  Now the rebels in Libya look like they are going to get control, but who the heck are they?  I know one thing their rough draft constitution starts like this, Part 1, Article 1: “Islam is the Religion of the State, and the principal source of legislation is Islamic Jurisprudence (Sharia).”   They appear to be on the verge of installing a government based on SHARIA law people.  Do we all understand what that is, what that means.  Did we really just spend money and help destroy a country only to advance this radical type of movement?  Hope and Change indeed.

2012 Prediction

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I have a view about the 2012 presidential election that is probably a little out there.  It is something that occurred to me during Americas Obamacare debate I suppose it was late winter 2010.  At one point polls were saying that nearly 70% of people were opposed to the bill, and yet Obama and the Democrat majority insisted, persisted, and pushed this agenda item through.  At this point we had seen TARP, stimulus, and auto bailouts all of which disgusted many many Americans.  It had dawned on me that Obama does not seem to care about getting re elected.  I mean who does these things despite the American people?  Around this time I figured that Obama was not concerned about re election, because at best he did not see it as necessary, and at worst he never intended to serve two consecutive terms.  Remember Obama’s primary run against Clinton?  The way that all came to an end struck me as odd as though some deal had been agreed upon.  Now that deal could have been Clinton’s cabinet position, but what if the deal was that Clinton could be anointed the presidential nominee for 2012?

So that is my thought that Hillary will be anointed by the Democratic party as their nominee for the 2012 election.  Today we see Obama’s job approval rating below 40% he is tanking.  However he has been effective in his implementation of the Democratic agenda of advancing collectivism, statism, and class warfare.   These days I look at Obama and I see him as a battering ram.  This mans role was to break down the castle door, prop it open, then get out of the way so the cavalry could rush in and secure victory.  We have all seen images of battering rams kicking in doors right.  They take a beating from arrows to fire the castle throws everything they have at it, but the ram stays true sacrificing itself for the greater good of breaking the door down.  That is what Obama appears to be doing to me.  I would be amazed to see him elected to a second consecutive term.  He has not relented in his assault of individual liberty and personal responsibility.  Rep. Pete DeFazio (D-Ore.) said in a recent interview ‘he’s going to have a very tough time getting re-elected’ when asked about Obama’s re election.

It is important to remember that when it comes to utilitarian philosophy no individual is seen as more important than the collective.  To the utilitarian it is ok to kill one man in order to advance the interests of a group of men.  To translate this it is not only ok, but a more noble thing for Obama to sacrifice his own interest in the interest of the party.  In addition I believe that Obama and much of the Democrat party are students of Saul Alinsky.  I have read Saul’s book Rules For Radicals one of the steps ‘rules’ outlined in the book is to take your opponent out of their comfort zone.  Well, what would take the Republicans out of their comfort zone more than the ole rope a dope, the ole switch aroo?  The Republicans would not know what to do if all of a sudden at the Democratic convention in 2012 Obama announces his withdrawal from re election, and Hillary is suddenly catapulted into action.  The Republicans would have wasted so much time and energy preparing to dethrone Obama, and all of a sudden the target has shifted.  How devastating would this move be?

Now I don’t know all the rules about elections and what have you, but one question I have when I think about my theory here is, what will happen to all of the campaign money that Obama has accumulated?  Right?  He is out there raising funds for election, what would happen to all that money if he does not use it?  Does he have to give it all back?  Can he keep it in case he wants to run for president eight years down the road?  Now, I know what your thinking.  If he has truly sacrificed himself  how would he be able to get elected eight years down the road.  Well eight years down the road the Obama youth will be old enough to vote, and lets not forget that he still has pretty good standing among young voters right now these people will  still be around to support him.

So maybe my theory is a long shot maybe it is a little conspiratorial, but I just wanted to put it in writing and let it be known.  If I was advising a Republican running in their primary right now I would advise them to campaign against the Democratic agenda and philosophy.  Rather than targeting Obama I would be targeting the party.


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So I made the trip to Iowa last Thursday for the GOP debate.  I was lucky enough to get tickets through the Sons of Liberty Riders in the 14th row.  So there I was sitting amongst a row of about 20 leather clad multiple pierced and tattooed bikers at a GOP event.  This group is not exactly what you have in mind when you think GOP and Tea Party.  It was great to see the Republican stereotypes smashed to pieces with this motley crew.  I went to this event to advance the FairTax as a representative of the Wisconsin FairTax group I believe we did a good job on behalf of the FairTax.  We had a group of around 50 or so FairTaxers from around the nation.  When we were finished we had distributed dozens and dozens of FairTax stickers that debate goers wore with pride and distributed plenty of FairTax literature.

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Going into the debate I was a Herman Cain and Ron Paul supporter, and I still am.  However, I was looking for somebody to make a move in this debate and in my opinion Newt Gingrich was that candidate.  I had written Newt off for the most part, but now he is wrangling for my third candidate.  Herman Cain is smart, charismatic, attractive, and articulate.  In addition Cain has leadership experience as a Federal Reserve chairman and CEO of Godfathers Pizza his private sector resume goes on from there.  At one point Romney said in the debate that the only other candidate as experienced in private sector economics is Herman Cain, and its true.  However, a major difference between the two is that Cain has never held public office and is not tainted by the game as of yet.  He does not have a list of backs to scratch like Romney and many of the other candidates. Please look into Herman Cain he needs all the help he can get.

My inexperience as a blogger was shining at this debate.  I forgot to bring a pen and pad so I have no notes.  I should have taken more pictures and even video perhaps.  I did not bring my laptop, I don’t have a cell phone or smart pad so I was just unprepared.

Maiden Voyage

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So I am going to try to write a blog.  I am a part time student, part time worker, and full time father.  I have never really given much of a darn for English classes so please excuse my lack of grammar, spelling, and word choice.  I like to write, and I have things to say.  Most of my posts will be about politics/economics/finance/philosophy/current events.  I don’t intend on discussing my life.  So this is my maiden post.  This is me getting my feet wet.  I hope this works out.